Become a VASUG Meeting Sponsor or Corporate Partner

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Corporate Partner:

Companies that understand the value of being visibly linked to Virginia’s SAS user community can work directly with VASUG officers to help accomplish their individual goals by becoming Corporate Partners. This includes developing contacts, raising profiles, participation in SAS community programs, and plenty of exposure.

Investment: $500.00

Benefits (for an entire calendar year):

Speaking Opportunities:

Opportunity to introduce speakers or events, if you desire
Opportunity to deliver remarks at the closing session
Have SAS expertise? Give a presentation at a VASUG meeting

Marketing Opportunities

Space for your brochures, handouts & “give aways” on our “goodie table”
Opportunity to place signage (18″ X 24″ or less) at the “goodie table”
Recognition on conference signage at the entrance to the conference room

Other Recognition

Prominent recognition as a Partner at all VASUG conferences, including verbal acknowledgement by a VASUG officer
Special recognition as a Partner on VASUG website
Logo and recognition as a Partner on newsletters
Partner profile page on VASUG Website
Interested? Let us know and we’ll contact you:


Meeting Sponsor:

VASUG seeks two sponsors with an interest in the SAS community for each VASUG conference. VASUG conferences are normally held three times a year.

Investment: $200.00

Benefits (one conference only):

Speaking Opportunity

You will be invited to deliver short welcoming remarks during the opening ceremonies

Marketing Opportunity

Space on the “goodie table” to place brochures, handouts & “give aways”

Other Recognition

Verbal recognition from a VASUG officer during the conference program
Logo/name recognition – displayed periodically throughout the conference
Name recognition on the VASUG website for a period of at least one month following the sponsored VASUG conference
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