Posted by: btadams | July 31, 2016

Virginia SAS Users Group Meeting Sept 12, Topic: SAS Studio


On September 12, 2016, Mark Jordan of the SAS Institute will demo SAS Studio.

Tuckahoe Library, Large Meeting Room
1901 Starling Dr.
Henrico, VA 23229-4564
(804) 290-9100

Meet and Greet 2:30 – 3:00
SAS Studio Demo 3:00 – 5:00

Intended Audience: Enterprise Guide users, SAS administrators or those looking at software selection, point and click users, SAS programmers looking for efficient methods.

SAS Studio Description:
“A developmental web application for SAS that you access through your web browser. With SAS Studio, you can access your data files, libraries, and existing programs, and you can write new programs. You can also use the predefined tasks in SAS Studio to generate SAS code for you. When you run a program or task, SAS Studio processes the SAS code on a SAS server. The SAS server can be a server in a cloud environment, a server in your local environment, or SAS installed on your local machine. After the code is processed, the results are returned to SAS Studio in your browser.”

Mark Jordan:
“Mark Jordan (a.k.a. SAS Jedi) grew up in northeast Brazil as the son of Baptist missionaries. He served 20 years as a US Navy submariner, pursuing his passion for programming as a hobby. Upon retiring from the Navy in 1994, he turned his hobby into a dream job and has been a SAS programmer ever since.

Mark writes and teaches a broad spectrum of SAS Foundation programming classes, and is proud to announce his first book”,“Mastering the SAS® DS2 Procedure: Advanced Data Wrangling Techniques”.


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